Sofiko Chiaureli

Chiaureli as Sayat Nova in Parajanov's Pomegranates | Sofiko Chiaureli in Parajanov’s Sayat Nova

Sofiko Chiaureli (1937-2008) starred in Sergei Parajanov‘s 1969 masterpiece Sayat Nova (The Color of Pomegranates). Paradjanov also cast her in all his later films: The Legend of Surami Fortress, Ashik Kerib, and The Confession, which survives as Parajanov: The Last Spring by Mikhail Vartanov. Vartanov’s suppressed 1969 documentary The Color of Armenian Land also features Sofiko Chiaureli whom Paradjanov directs behind the scenes.

sayatnova-sofiko_chiaureli | Sofiko Chiaureli in The Colour of Pomegranates

The last time I saw (and was thrilled to photograph) Ms. Chiaureli was in Paris. She shared a car with us on the way to the screening of Parajanov: The Last Spring. Jean Vigo‘s daughter Luce Vigo and Jean Carzou‘s son Jean-Marie also attented. A year later Sofiko Chiaureli passed away in Tbilisi, the city where Sergei Parajanov was born. Today, May 21, is Sofiko’s birthday.

Boy with a Movie Camera - Sergei Parajanov and Sofiko Chiaureli on the set of The Color of Pomegranates – Sergei Parajanov and Sofiko Chiaureli on the set of Sayat Nova

Parajanov-Vartanov Institute

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