In 1987 the renowned filmmaker Sergei Parajanov attended the Rotterdam Film Festival where his film The Legend of Suram Fortress won the Most Innovative Film Award. Paradjanov was also named one of the 20 directors of the future, the list that also included Jim Jarmusch, among others. The Legend of Suram Fortress and Rotterdam International Film Festival lifted the iron curtain for Parajanov who was persecuted most of his life. As Mikhail Vartanov depicted in Parajanov: The Last Spring,  the Soviet government persecuted Parajanov and he was unable to work for 15 years after his 1969 masterpiece The Color of Pomegranates (Sayat Nova). He was imprisoned from 1973-1977 and only permitted to direct (The Legend of Surami Fortress) in 1984.

Parajanov at Rotterdam | Sergei Parajanov at Rotterdam International Film Festival

This poster of Parajanov was created during the Rotterdam Film Festival and later Parajanov transformed it into an artwork as he often did with everything around him.

Parajanov-Vartanov Institute 

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