The legendary filmmaker Sergei Parajanov admired the great Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini. Pasolini was assassinated while Paradjanov was in the prison in the Soviet Ukraine in 1975 (same year as Parajanov’s and Mikhail Vartanov‘s friend Minas was also assassinated). Parajanov was greatly saddened to hear the news of Pasolini’s death. This work below is from Parajanov’s series dedicated to Pasolini and entitled Gospel According to Pasolini (after his 1964 masterpiece The Gospel According to St Matthew). - Pasolini by Paradjanov – Pasolini by Paradjanov

There was some mysticism in the fact that I came to the Cannes Film Festival for Parajanov’s restored The Color of Pomegranates and was scheduled to walk the red carpet right after Willem Dafoe who was Pasolini in Abel Ferrara’s biopic. A month later I also met the cinematographer Ennio Guarneri who filmed Pasolini’s Medea (with Maria Callas).

Boy With a Movie Camera

Parajanov-Vartanov Institute

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