Our Turn

OUR TURN by Martiros Vartanov

Compelled to meaningfully answer his son’s question about death, the father responds by making him a film, but will it terrify him — or inspire — for life?

OUR TURN by Martiros Vartanov
OUR TURN by Martiros Vartanov

The second film of Martiros Vartanov’s experimental UCLA trilogy is entitled Our Turn and is dedicated to Buster Keaton.

It was shot on 16mm Kodak film and 16mm Arriflex movie camera. Martiros also composed an experimental soundtrack.

Our Turn had its world premiere at Lincoln Center in New York and won Best Experimental Film Award at Vienna Film Festival.

Our Turn is preceded by Martiros M. Vartanov’s first film, entitled The Last Film, which was released by Criterion, and is followed by The Resurrection of Sayat Nova.

Criterion release of Parajanov/Vartanov films

Parajanov-Vartanov Institute

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