Parajanov and Vartanov
Parajanov & Vartanov by Mechitov

The great Georgian photographer Yuri Mechitov, a friend of Parajanov and Vartanov, captured many memorable moments of their friendship, which appear in his 2009 book, Parajanov: A Chronicle of the Dialogue.

With depth, modesty, and great accuracy, the author transforms the reader into the world of Sergei Paradjanov and his final decade in the home town of Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, and the Caucasus. Yuri Mechitov succeeds in presenting the simple and the wonderful post-prison world of the blacklisted and unemployed Paradjanov, who is ultimately allowed to direct, and whose departure from Tbilisi leave this city, the author, the friends and the fans without one of the brightest lights they had ever seen shine.


[ISBN 978-9941-0-1754-4]

Please contact Yuri Mechitov to inquire about purchasing his book of great photographs and stories about Parajanov and Tbilisi. This is a 465 page treasure.

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