Tonino Guerra

Tonino Guerra

Vartanov‘s film Parajanov: The Last Spring, about the last days of our great Parajanov, excited and filled me with the strength to resume the way of the magnificent tale that the Maestro had taken.”


The legendary screenwriter of Fellini‘s Oscar-winning Amarcord, Tarkovsky‘s Nostalgia, and Antonioni‘s Blow Up, was born Antonio Guerra on the 16th of March 1920 in Italy and passed away on March 21 in 2012, leaving his mark on nearly 100 films. Tonino Guerra was a poet and one of busiest and the most important screenwriters of cinema who won Cannes Film Festvial’s Best Screenplay award for the Voyage to Cythera by Theo Angelopoulos and received an honorary award of the Venice Film Festival, as well as The Writer’s Guild in Hollywood. His long collaboration with the great Michelangelo Antonioni includes such masterpieces as L’Avventura (Monica Vitti), La Notte (Marcello Mastroianni), L’Ecclise (Alain Delon), Red Desert and Zabriski Point.

Tonino Guerra with his wife Laura at the house of Sergei Parajanov.

Parajanov-Vartanov Institute

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