Sergey Galstyan

The 2020 book “Parajanov, Meetings and Not Only…” (Փարաջանով, հանդիպումներ և ոչ միայն…) by film historian Sergey Galstyan (Սերգեյ Գալստյան, 1940-2022) is an important work that features many memories about Parajanov and Vartanov.

Galstyan discusses the close friendship of Parajanov and Vartanov on pages 10, 24-27, 84, 118, 128, 131-132, 142-145, 189-193, 196-197.

(ISBN 978-9939-75-572-4).

In his long and distinguished career, Galstyan published several books about Armenian cinema and animation, as well as numerous articles, including an obituary for Vartanov in January of 2010.

In February 2020, Sergey Galstyan spoke movingly after a special screening at Armenia’s National Gallery of Art about Vartanov’s suppressed 1969 film debut The Color of Armenian Land (shown in Armenia for the first time in 51 years on that day). Blacklisted in 1969 for filming Parajanov (imprisoned in 1973) and Minas (assassinated in 1975), Vartanov had to wait 20 years to complete the trilogy with Minas: A Requiem (1989) and Parajanov: The Last Spring (1990).

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