The complete original camera negative of the unfinished Confession only survives in the Russian Academy Award-winning Parajanov: The Last Spring and also features Sergei Parajanov’s own commentary about his favorite film. The screenplay of The Confession was written in the 1960s and was his memory of the childhood, student years, marriage,
imprisonment and more as fantasist Paradjanov perceived it. Parajanov gifted the screenplay to Mikhail Vartanov and wrote: “Film The Confession will only be made by a director born in 1924 in Tbilisi, Georgia”, mysteriously Paradjanov predicted the film would not be finished in his lifetime. The cast of the unfinished film  (“Ispoved” in Russian or “Khostovanank” in Armenian) included Sofiko Chiaureli (Sayat Nova) and Yuri Mgoyan (Ashik Kerib).

Also see: Paradjanov: The Last Spring.

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