Emmanuelle Beart

Emmanuelle Béart


The incomparable French actress Emmanuelle Beart’s delightful reaction to Parajanov-Vartanov Institute‘s Instagram post. In Hollywood, I often attended the French film festival COLCOA at the Directors Guild with my father Mikhail Vartanov, and once we saw a film starring Emmanuelle Beart (Nathalie). I later made a collage from her picture in the catalog (I’ll find and post it here later). The guild’s theater is on the famed Sunset Boulevard, not far from where we lived. And very close from it was the video rental store Blockbuster where Papa and I used to rent many “foreign” movies. He would rent Bergman and Kurosawa, and we’d watch them together, with his occasional “commentary”. At the same place I once rented several French movies starring Emmanuelle Beart for a weekend marathon, and he joined me for one of them. One of the things I miss the most is watching movies with him.

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