and_so_every_day_vartanov – And So Every Day by Mikhail Vartanov

AND SO EVERY DAY (И так каждый день). Aware of the consequences of displeasing the Soviet censors, who had shelved his first two films, Vartanov documents one day in the life of postal workers in Armenia, even narrates (himself!) for the first time. Tigran Mansurian, who had scored Paradjanov’s Sayat Nova and worked with Vartanov on The Color of  Land (1969) and Autumn Pastoral (1971), is again here. What would have certainly become a boring Soviet propaganda in the hands of most staff filmmakers at Armenfilm, became — with Mansurian’s simple score and Vartanov’s charming voiceover and unobtrusive direction — a rare and unusually frank document of ordinary working class people in Soviet Armenia.

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