Sergei Parajanov‘s Legend of Suram Fortress (correct spelling is Surami), his first film after the prison, released in 1984, is based on a Georgian folk-tale. A fortune teller (played by Sofiko Chiaureli‘s mother Veriko Anjaparidze) predicts that a man must be immured into the walls of a fortress in order to stop it from crumbling. The Legend of Suram Fortress lifted the Iron Curtain for Parajanov and brought him to the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival where he won the Best Innovative Film Award.

1984-legendofsuram | The Legend of Suram Fortress

Each time I see The Legend of Suram Fortress, I think it is my favorite film, but then I watch The Color of Pomegranates and I change my mind. Later, if I happen to rewatch The Legend of Suram Fortress, I change my mind again. Whichever of these is my favorite film at this very moment is not important, but my first memory of watching it together with Sergei Parajanov and Mikhail Vartanov is the most precious cinematic experience of my life.

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