Alfred Hitchcock and Sergei Parajanov had a conversation imagined by Vartanov’s son.

A conversation between Hitchcock and Parajanov as imagined by Vartanov’s son (Boy with a Movie Camera)

Parajanov: Can you see me?

Hitchcock: Yes.

Parajanov: What’s your name?

Hitchcock: Master of suspense. And yours?

Parajanov: Suspended master.

Hitchcock: What do you do?

Parajanov: I make movies, when they let me.

Hitchcock: Really? Me too! I made Shadow of a Doubt.

Parajanov: I made Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors and then they suspended me. How many films have you made?

Hitchcock: I lost count, 50 maybe. I have a great agent at MCA.

Parajanov: Mine’s at KGB.



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