Minas Avetisyan Avetisian Minas


In Minas: A Requiem (1989), Vartanov looks back at his friend, the assassinated painter Minas Avetisian (1928-1975), whom he presented for the first time in The Color of Armenian Land back in 1968 when the Ministry of Culture, Goskino and Armenfilm demanded to delete the scene because Minas was a persona non grata. Vartanov refused. By the time of his assassination, in 1975, Minas had become an icon... After Armenia gained its independence from the Soviet Union in early 1990s, an official government investigation was conducted, which concluded that Minas was indeed assasinated and that a great care had been taken by KGB to make it look like an accident.

2nd installment of Vartanov's documentary trilogy with Erased Faces (1987), and Paradjanov: The Last Spring (1992).

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